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Wednesday, June 13th, 2001
12:54 am
fat flows
DJ RyanRichards: jigga the bigga figga
djwiket42k: the hoe making some doe didnt you know
djwiket42k: come on with the freaky flo you di9dnt know
DJ RyanRichards: haha
DJ RyanRichards: yo yo mama suckin a dildo
DJ RyanRichards: i reprezent killa hoe
djwiket42k: how chronic was my indo now you know
DJ RyanRichards: if u didnt know now u know hoe
DJ RyanRichards: as i blow on my greens
DJ RyanRichards: like yer mama always told ya to
DJ RyanRichards: take a hit and pass it to the next fool
djwiket42k: cause im all aboput the unrehearsed flo an
DJ RyanRichards: can i use the bathroom cuz i gotta take a do do
djwiket42k: the rhyme isnt do
djwiket42k: its dough
djwiket42k: or doe
DJ RyanRichards: like john doe
djwiket42k: even drawl out a door
DJ RyanRichards: wanted to get at my hoe
DJ RyanRichards: but i told him hell no
djwiket42k: or a floor
djwiket42k: silent r
djwiket42k: i put you on the rool in my 5.0
DJ RyanRichards: haha
djwiket42k: you said the car wont go
DJ RyanRichards: u bored?
djwiket42k: you didnt know about my flow
djwiket42k: master heeping it in the hold
djwiket42k: a lil
djwiket42k: just making up new flows
djwiket42k: in that ryhmw
djwiket42k: dual exhaust lettin go putting the spped on that hoe
djwiket42k: had to hold my that stick hard in 4
djwiket42k: cruisin along at 84 when i says to my whore
DJ RyanRichards: ahahahaha
djwiket42k: you has to hit the door
djwiket42k: your making my ass poor
djwiket42k: your waist is a fat 24
djwiket42k: no plan to score
djwiket42k: when i got such boar
djwiket42k: wi9tha face thats tore
djwiket42k: back to 84
djwiket42k: i dunno
djwiket42k: im out
djwiket42k: :-)
DJ RyanRichards: haha
djwiket42k: good night san jose!!!

Current Mood: artistic
Tuesday, May 29th, 2001
1:38 pm
leader board
Nick - 60$
Rafik - 40$
jorge - 60$
jeff - 60$
jason 80$

wanna make some money?
Saturday, May 26th, 2001
12:03 pm
yay squared
in this entry mrs C is a fake name
it is only given to protect the innocent

wel last night was a crazy one
an 8 ball of the cool hand
mrs c & mrs d tryed it for the first time
she said it made her relaxed and combfertable
i was very relaxed well until we went to her friend sean maaks house
then all of a sudden i felt all this negative energy

it was like walking in to the kings castle and drinking his cup
at the queens invite. Everyone was nice to my face but i felt like i was ready to be stabbed in the back. Like i was just her toy and expendable whenever the novelty the king had for me wore off i could be tossed in the gallows.

ohh well i guess i was just edgy since the cool hand stayed home and all i could think about was another bump. but what really made me mad is when we were leaving how sean pushed me out of the way and just smiled at me. pretty childish i guess mrs c is to big a draw for him. I guess he cant be happy with just one or he just cant be happy with mrs d.

that hurts me to since i love mrs d with all of my heart and i see her with this guy that is obviously using one to get to the other. mrs d agrees while mrs c disagree's i think she likes the attention.

well mrs d and me will be attending aquaviva tonight for a lil fun in the hot tub!!!! woop de woop yayayaya

Current Mood: anxious
Friday, May 25th, 2001
6:23 pm
leader board
Nick - 60$
Rafik - 40$
Kristy - 20$

these cats are making money are u?

Current Mood: accomplished
4:45 pm
an ode to drugs

a flash in the pan
contained psychic explosion
tears threw your head
everyday, every night

the flash that you had
now is only a ember
burning threw your head
still every day, still every night

the feeling you once had
burnt into your head
scars your thoughts
every day through the night

love the green goddess fear the white devil...

Current Mood: amused
4:33 pm

for the beef in yor life

Current Mood: hungry
12:12 pm
weed weed weed
kandEEdreamz: ahhh omg i wish i was you right now...cause you got all the weed....lol
djwiket42k: hahaha
kandEEdreamz: dam it
kandEEdreamz: lol
kandEEdreamz: uhhhh i have a dream
kandEEdreamz: lol
kandEEdreamz: and its of weed right npw
djwiket42k: i have never seen this side of u
kandEEdreamz: what side?
djwiket42k: the weed heffer side

Current Mood: thirsty
9:31 am
"I dont wish.... I only plan for future Realitys" Luke England 2001

Current Mood: cranky
9:09 am
leader board
Nick - 60$
Rafik - 40$
Fiona - 20$
kristy - 20$

wow bunch of pot heads i tell yah

Current Mood: optimistic
1:45 am
woop de woop
well stacy is coming over for some cocktails god its hot in my room
did someone leave the oven on down stairs... ima smoke another bowl
nothing better then a beer when your coming off coke and nothing better then a bowl after you have had a couple beers.

Current Mood: mellow
1:02 am
Just made a new cd today if you know me and want a copy just ask
heres the promo....

Yes that infamous nyce guy Luke E (pron: lukey) is back with a new cd
17 funky cuts straight out of the san hoe ghetto. 3 weeks ago after a
house party i was dumb enough to leave my vinyl sitting in the back of
car on the hottest day of the week. I awoke hungover to find that i had
melted 10 of my favorite recs beyond playing. Every djs nightmare had
come true.... So with some help from a friend i obtained some old
chicago house records and went and bought some new tracks as well.
this cd is full of funky loops and disco cuts just the way i like it.

The track listing follows...... thanks ~Luke E~

'Jumpin Trax on Melted Wax' track listing
song title - producer
1."Camels" (recycled loops remix) - Santos
2."I Need House" - Paul Johnson
3."Krinom" - Brett Johnson & Waric Cameron
4."Bullet Proof" - C MOS
5."Can't Turn To Mama" - Onionz & Master D
6."Start the Fire" - Johnny Fiasco
7."P-Ano D-Lux" - Richie Heller
8."The Turkish Avenger" - Sedat
9."Icky Chicky" - Conga Squad
10."Ser Serg" - Onionz
11."Soul Week" - Swirl People
12."Touch Me" - Mark Grant
13."Latin Seoul" - Dj Sneak
14."Summer Madness" - Conga Squad
15."Takin U Back" - dj rasoul
16."Shame On You" - Conga Squad
17."The O Train" - Tony B w/ "Push Em Off accapella" teardahclubupthugs
12:55 am
Oh well another night lost to silly girls...
I should have gone to waves.. but instead that girl flaked on me
i guess i shouldnt have broken off my plans with the 19 yr old stacy
(she couldnt get in to waves) ohh and eddie came by with a bump of the yay

woop de woop

Current Mood: devious
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